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MU Gamma Gamma Talent Hunt Competition Winner
Places First at 50th Second District Conference, will represent 2nd District at the 70th Grand Conclave

Jamin Powell is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison, New Jersey. He is a member of the school's African American Heritage Club, ACT-SO, Student Council, Basketball Team, Drama Club, Thespian Society, Play Production, and Music Honor Society. He recently started a train collection in conjunction with his pretty big basketball collection. He also, enjoys playing basketball or going out with his friends.

Jamin attends First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens where he serves on the Junior Usher Board; All God's Children Choir, Young Adult Choir, Youth Pulpit Committee Jam Board, ACT-SO, and the Trustee Nominating Committee. After high school, Jamin plans on attending Morehouse College to study law and eventually start his own law firm. He performed "Letter from a Birmingham City Jail" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The award presentation is being made by the Basileus Authur Blake. Jamin went on to represent Mu Gamma Gamma at the 50th Second District Conference. There he placed first among all the contestants. Jamin will now move on to represent the mighty 2nd District at the 70th Grand Conclave in New Orleans, La.

A special thanks goes out to the chairman of the Talent Hunt Committee, Brother Charles Boyd for doing such an outstanding job along with members of his committee.

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