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Chapter Meeting Agenda



I. Opening Ceremony 7:30 PM

II. Roll Call

III. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting

IV. Report of Officers, and Committees

a. Basileus A. Blake

b. Keeper of Finance T. Walker

c. Keeper of Records and Seal M. Edwards

d. Chaplain P. Burt

e. Keeper of Peace A. Rew

f. Chapter Reporter (Editor to the Oracle) J. Ezell

g. Vice Basileus (Call for Committees’ Reports) F. Robinson

1. Achievement Week Committee

2. Artifacts and Memorabilia Committee J. Jackson

3. By-Laws Committee J. Virgil

4. Membership Selection Committee H. Virgil

5. Reclamation and Retention Committee P. Burt

6. Scholarship Committee M. Edwards

a. Heritage Celebration Project P. Burt

7. Social Action Committee A. Rew

a. Adopt-A-Highway Project A. Blake

8. Talent Hunt Observance Committee C. Boyd

V. Old Business

    1. Boatride – September 30, 2000
    2. Bowling Tournament - Results
    3. VI. New Business

      a. Conclave Report – A. Blake

      b. Corridor Meeting – Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter, Sicklersville, NJ on 9/23/00

    4. Delegate Selection – Shirtsleeve Conference, NYC , Oct. 13-14, 2000
    5. Joint Founder’s Day Representative – November 17, 2000 (Upsilon Phi)

VI. Correspondence and Announcements

VII. Closing Ceremony

a. Next meeting Formal (10/14/00), will be at the home of Brother J. Virgil

Respectfully submitted,

Brother Arthur Blake, Basileus MGG Chapter

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