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Mu Gamma Gamma Chapter                P.O. Box 6322, Somerset, New Jersey 08875

 The December 11th chapter meeting of Mu Gamma Gamma was held at the home of Brother Michael Edwards. The meeting was called to order by the Basileus Arthur Blake.

At the time of the role call, the following Brothers were present; Arthur Blake, Michael Edwards, Joe Jackson, Paul Burt, Foy Robinson, L. Howard Virgil, Alvin Rew, Peter Harvey, John Ezell and Anthony Walker.

Visiting Brother(s)


Officer Reports

Executive Council Meeting/Basileus Comments

The Executive Council meeting was held at the home of Brother Arthur Blake. The next Council meeting will be held at the home of Brother Charles Boyd. See attached report from the Basileus.

Keeper of Finance

The K.O.F. reported that the chapter has $2,167.89 in total assets.

Keeper of Records and Seal

Dues are due, we have collected from 4 brothers, but we need the rest of the Brotherhood to step up. Dues not submitted to the ITO (International Office) by December 31st will be considered late and require a late fee of $5.00. I have been in the process of updating our Web page for the new century, if the Brothers have any suggestions, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you as much as I can.

The amount of paper the chapter has accumulated over the last few years has made it necessary that we get another file cabinet. The 2 drawer cabinet we currently have can no longer support our storage needs. Brother Virgil volunteered to help us get one from storage. The KRS will work with Brother Virgil to secure this file cabinet.

It was also suggested that we scan all the documents. Though this seems like a good idea, the KRS feels that this will limit the KRS’s in the future. Being able to scan and store materials has never been a prerequisite for this position and should not be. Plus the resources and planning required makes this effort a bit to overwhelming at the current time.

Brother Rew submitted he 1999 – 2000 budget request.

Chapter email id is

Chapter web site is


Dues have been sent in for 10 brothers


Brother Edwards brought to the attention of the body, that Brother Ron DeSouza was in the Temple hospital in Philadelphia. The body would send a card to the home of Brother Ron, he has been a strong supporter of the Chapters efforts even though his schedule has not allowed him to attend many of our functions.

Brother Burt recognized the following birthdays.


Brother Jason Virgil celebrated his birthday on November 22. Congrats!!!


Omega Anniversaries (s)

Brother Howard Virgil November 20th

Brother Peter Harvey December 3rd

Brother Gregory Jones December 3rd

Brother James Surratt December 5th

Brother Randall Benjamin December 6th


Keeper of Peace

No report.

 Editor to the Oracle

No report.

Committee Reports

Achievement Week

No report. Brother Edwards mentioned that the Founders program should be an activity under the Achievement week committee. This should be addressed at the next Executive Council meeting (AI).

Artifacts and Memorabilia

No report.

Assault on Illiteracy

No report.


No report.

Membership Selection

Brother Virgil stated he is waiting on the Basileus to fill out the paper work for our current candidate. Brother Burt wanted to know if there is a deadline. He currently has paperwork out with 2 candidates and wanted to know what due date he should give the interested parties. It was decided that a 2 week deadline should be given.

The Basileus has requested form 105 (request for Participation) from the KRS. (AI)

Reclamation and Retention

No Report


The chair stated that he was still having trouble contacting Obed Lousaant. Mail has been returning from his old school mailing address, and his home number has been disconnected. Brother Harvey suggested Brother Edwards send a letter to the Dean of students, the Dean would be able to contact our winner if he was still on campus.

Tickets to the annual "Super Bowl" raffle will be provided to the Brothers no later than the January meeting.

Hertiage Celebration

Brother Burt has reserved the 1st Saturday in, April 1st, 2000. The Basileus authorized the KOF to give $400.00 to Brother Burt, to ensure we have the aforementioned date. Tickets for the Heritage Celebration will be provided to the Brothers no later than the January chapter meeting.

 Social Action

Brother Rew stated that the chapter would be holding it’s annual Holiday Food Drive. This year we are giving out 8 baskets to needy families in the area. Each Brother is encouraged to bring can goods and other non-perishable items with them to Brother Robinson’s home anytime between now and December 21st.

Brother Rew also has scheduled a time for the chapter to participate in a "Soup Kitchen" effort at the Ebenezar Baptist church from 11 – 1 PM on December 21st. All Brothers are urged to attend and support this effort. There was some concerned that the activity was taking place on a work day, Brother Rew stated that that was the best date he could secure between now and Christmas. Brother Rew encouraged all the Brothers that could attend to come out.


Mu Gamma Gamma successfully participating in the Soup Kitchen activity with Ebenezar Baptist Church on December 21, 1999.

Mu Gamma Gamma successfully sponsored 8 baskets of food during its annual Holiday Food drive. Thanks to the Brothers and friends and supporters that helped make this event a success again this year.

Adopt-A-Road Project

The chapter will look to hold our next clean up in the spring. Since this is a quarterly activity.

Senior Citizen Home Project

The senior citizen project is on-hold.

 Black Manhood Project

Brother Robinson is looking to do something with the kids at Franklin high school.

 Talent Hunt

Brother Boyd requested that any Brothers interested in working with him on this committee contact him as soon as possible. He is not sure if our program will be a joint venture with Tau Zeta this year. He is looking to work with Brother Hunter who works closely with an oratory group. Brother Edwards questioned if this would be the only area of talent that would be reviewed. Brother Boyd said that the committee would look to open the area up, but he wanted to utilize Brother Hunter’s group as well.

Brother Boyd expressed his dissatisfaction with not having pictures from a past Talent Hunt program. It was suggested that Brother Boyd check with Brother Jackson to see copies of pictures he has from the event, and perhaps he can make some copies.

Brother Boyd suggested that we could have pictures from events in the future pulled down from a web site provided by the company that takes the pictures. Brother Walker currently gets the pictures back with multiple copies. After some discussion, it was decided that Brother Boyd would get the information required and bring it back to the Executive Council for further consideration.

Old Business

Founders Day Celebration report

The Basileus thanked all the Brothers that were able to attend the joint founders day Program, Hosted by Omicron Chi (Plainfield Chapter). Brother Edwards thanked Brother Boyd for standing in for him during the ceremony.

There was some discussion about the number of chapters that participated and the amounts Paid by each participating chapter. Brother Surratt was not present to provide a report to the chapter.


Following is the report from Omicron Chi on the Founders program:


The Joint Founders Day program (hosted by Omicron Chi) was held at Calvary Baptist Church (Plainfield, NJ) on November 17, 1999. It was attended by approximately 125 brothers from the NJ Metropolitan area. The sanctuary was not available as originally planned due to a scheduling conflict. Therefore, the program (and fellowship) was held in the Fellowship Hall (basement). This did not effect the quality of the program not nor dampen the spirits of the occasion.

The Omicron Chi neophytes did a spirited and moving rendition of our founders initial meeting that was well received by all.

Budget / Expenses

Item Details  


Lights 250 Flashlights @ $1.48 each










Food 150 meals @ $6.50 each:
(spaghetti, meatballs, rolls, salad)


Program Copies 150 @ 0.00  


Honorarium to Calvary Baptist Church  




Receipts Mu Gamma Gamma, Eta Pi, Upsilon Phi, Nu Beta Beta




Total Receipts    


Total Expense    



Lessons Learned

The following lessons were learned:

    1. Confirm negotiations with the church, listing requirements, rooms, time etc.
    2. Generate program early and insure accuracy of names participating.
    3. Test directions to the church (location).
    4. Review program contents. Review (rehearse) the main groups presentation.

      Submitted:C. Martin Fleming


New Business

Brother Rew gave his report from the Corridor - 4 meeting, held in Newark, New Jersey

Correspondence and Announcements

March 25, 2000, Upsilon Phi chapter, Newark, New Jersey will host their Mardi Gras 2000 to support their Scholarship Fund. Tickets are $75.00 per person, live band, open bar, casino royale games. Black Tie Affair. The event will be held at the Newark Airport Sheraton.

The Delta’s of Central Jersey will be hosting their Scholarship dance on April 15, 2000 at the Princeton Hyatt. Tickets are $80 per person.

The Second District Conference will be held from May 4 - 7, 2000 at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA. The Hosting chapter will be Delta Upsilon, Trenton, New Jersey. More details to follow.

Updates() This was just recently received in our email box. There was no mailing to the P.O. Box. This effects our last group of Brothers and has the world of Omega Buzzing. As we have said in several meetings, this administration is not joking and is making far-reaching decisions.


Date: September 22,1999


From: George Grace

Grand Keeper of Records and Seal

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Subject: Membership

During the last Supreme Council meeting, the council voted to remove a certain population of Brothers from the rolls of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The population being removed is the Brothers who joined the fraternity since 1988 and are not financial today. Our research has shown that within this segment of Brothers, there are those who seriously jeopardize the organization.

In the event you wish to be reinstated, you must submit your dues to the local chapter in your area prior to 11/1/99.

If you have any questions regarding this correspondence, please feel free to contact the Omega International office at 404/284/5533.


Last year we had 12,500 Brothers financial, we currently have over 8 times that many Brothers calling themselves Ques. Life members are not included in this count, they are considered a different group.

Closing Ceremony

The Basileus closed the last chapter meeting of the 20th century; the chapter sang the Fraternity’s hymn. Look forward to seeing you next year.

The January 9th meeting will be held at the home of Brother Foy Robinson, 4 Darby Road, Somerset, New Jersey his number is (732) 873-2220, contact Brother Robinson if you will not be able to attend.

 Yours in Omega,

Michael Edwards – K.R.S.



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